The following lists courses which are desirable or optional qualifications for practitioners within the industry:

CSCS Health and Safety Test

SSSTS – Site Supervisor’s Safety Training Scheme

SMSTS – Site Management Supervisors Training Scheme

Temporary Works Co-ordinator Courses

These are two day courses to assist those on site who have responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. Also designed to ensure that senior management and those engaging with contractors are confident and have an ‘assessed’ standard of knowledge around the subject.

Courses are offered by CITB via National Construction College and NHBC amongst others.

Short Duration Courses

For other courses, there are three tiers in the grant rate. The tier is determined by the duration and content of the course:

  • tier 1 is £30
  • tier 2 is £70
  • tier 3 is £120

You can find out which grant tier a course has from the approved course list.

CITB only pay a grant once for each individual per course, unless it’s part of a renewal or refresher process.

More details are here: short-duration-course-achievements-grant

The CITB has assisted in the production of the ASUC Training Area with funding support. The CITB aims to ensure that the construction industry has the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and is equipped to meet the future skills demands of the industry

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