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In our busy city centres, the prospect of building down rather than out is increasingly appealing.

Retrofit basements, which enhance an existing building by providing a basement structure beneath it, are an ideal solution for people looking to create extra space in their homes. These basements add beautiful and versatile spaces to existing buildings, turning a dream home into reality.

A recent LABC Warranty article has highlighted some of the brilliant basements that ASUC members have built.

Down – not out – in London

In four London boroughs alone, 4,650 so-called “mega-basements” have been built over the last ten years, according to research by Professor Roger Burrows of Newcastle University. Combined, these basements descend deeper than the 36,000ft Mariana Trench to an impressive 50,000ft underground!

Professor Burrow’s research found plans for:

  • 1,000 gyms
  • 380 swimming pools
  • 460 cinemas
  • 380 wine cellars
  • 120 staff rooms
  • 550 media rooms
  • 340 games rooms
  • 240 saunas or steam rooms
  • 60 underground garages

Best for basements

Eye-catching basements created by ASUC members Rackham Construction Ltd, The Basement Design Studio, and Croft Structural Engineers were featured by LABC Warranty as examples of London’s luxury basement market. You can read more about these projects on our case study page.

Read the full LABC Warranty article here.

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