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We are thrilled to unveil a strategic collaboration between the Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors (ASUC) and London Belgravia, aimed at delivering an exclusive 10-year Latent Defects Insurance tailored specifically for ASUC members. This partnership is poised to offer comprehensive coverage for their contracted works.

The accomplished team consist of Alex Lyons and Denise Williamson, bring a wealth of experience, particularly in navigating the intricacies of the ASUC scheme, which has been a cornerstone for over two decades.

David Gakhar, a key member of the ASUC Executive Board, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to be working with the team at LBB to provide this cover in what has proved to be a difficult market in the last 2 years.”

Alex Lyons echoed this sentiment, saying, “It is very satisfying to bring the team back together at LBB and we look forward to working with ASUC and its members going forward.”

This exclusive partnership not only signifies a commitment to safeguarding the interests of ASUC members but also reflects a shared vision for excellence in the face of evolving market dynamics which promises enhanced support and security for those within the specialist subsidence and underpinning sector including retro fit basement construction.


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