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The acquisition of this innovative niche player is in line with the strategy pursued by BESIX Group & Franki Foundations to boost their UK activities, which have successfully grown in recent years. With 40 employees and a turnover of approximately 15 million EUR, the Martello acquisition significantly contributes to the growth of Franki Foundations UK, which will now achieve a combined turnover of approximately 32 million EUR and have a total of 84 employees.

Rik Vandenberghe, CEO of BESIX Group: “A highly innovative company with excellent technical abilities, Martello fits perfectly in the philosophy of Franki Foundations and BESIX Group. This acquisition further strengthens our talent pool and expertise and will provide exciting additional opportunities in the UK and other countries in which BESIX Group operates.”

Wim Claesen, General Manager of Franki Foundations: “The acquisition of the Martello activities is a real milestone for Franki Foundations and BESIX Group. It reinforces the position of Franki Foundations on the UK market, not in the least because of the complementary network of Martello’s key clients. By integrating Martello, Franki Foundations can now offer almost all foundation techniques and target and deliver major projects in the UK.”

Martello Piling, based in Grantham (UK), is an innovative foundation company which specializes in piling solutions for complex projects executed in low headroom and very restricted access site conditions.

The Martello Piling name will be retained and the company will continue to operate as a specialist in large diameter rotary bored piling as well as in the design and installation of top down basement construction using an in-house designed plunge column frame. Martello’s in-house specifically designed and manufactured rigs allow its teams to work on challenging sites such as the execution of new foundations under existing bridges and railways, civil works in existing nuclear plants, extension of highways and the reinforcement of telecommunications and electricity masts.

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