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Multi-Level Basement Waterproofing Beneath Listed Structures

The Project

Newton is proud to contribute to the transformation of the unique, Grade I listed Cambridge House in Piccadilly as it undergoes conversion into one of London’s grandest hotels. The 18,000m2 scheme includes six adjacent Grade II listed residences, whilst a four-level basement will accommodate a spa as well as the back-of-house and servicing areas.

In order to deliver a reliable, watertight solution for this £165m project, Newton worked closely with architects PDP London and leading enabling works contractor Deconstruct UK throughout the design and installation.


The Solution

There are three main buildings where extensive excavations are taking place, requiring different waterproofing solutions to cater for the new-build basement areas and existing elements – all up to 4 storeys below ground. Buildings 1 and 3 are both benefiting from full Newton CDM System cavity drain membrane waterproofing, which will capture, depressurise and remove any ingressing ground water via a series of Trojan-Pro pump chambers.

Building 2 utilises numerous products across new/existing structures, including 403 HydroBond,  installed by NSBC Maclennan Waterproofing and 315 Polymer-Waterbar to the new concrete attenuation tank, which will also be coated internally with the 103-S liquid membrane.

The same two products were also used alongside the flexible 107F liquidmembrane and 106 FlexProof for construction joint waterproofing in areas where the existing brick structure interfaces with a new concrete slab. Finally, Titan-Pro pump chambers are being installed to remove the water.

The Result

As of June 2021, the waterproofing installation is underway and on-track on
all three buildings, with Newton’s site services team delivering an exceptional quality assurance and training service on the installation of our products.

403 HydroBond applied to the new attenuation tank

Installing HydroBond prior to a concrete slab install


“Newton Waterproofing worked with Deconstruct to provide
waterproofing design and solutions at Cambridge House. The
project encompassed forming new deep Basement excavations,
Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed structures requiring significant
interventions and a Grade 3 level of waterproof protection.
Newton have been involved from the outset and have provided
a first class service to ensure we provide a robust solution to
this prestigious project.”
Mark Makinson, Project Director – Deconstruct UK Ltd.

The Products


Newton CDM System combines decades of experience with

the highest quality, BBA certified membranes, bespoke pumpconfigurations, back-up systems, telemetry and ancillaries.


High adhesion, cementitious membrane capable of resistingextremely high positive and negative water pressure.


Advanced, single-component polymer membrane with extreme

flexibility and high adhesion for sealing construction joints.


BDA Agrément certified cementitious membrane that is toughand flexible to accommodate movement in the substrate.


BDA Agrément certified, hydrophilic waterbar that swells in

contact with water to seal concrete construction joints.


BDA Agrément certified, sealf-healing sheet membrane that

provides a complete waterproof envelope around a structure.


Specialist packaged pump system with multiple configurations

to provide compatibility with multiple pumps and scenarios.


Modular pumping system available in large sump sizes, suitable sewage stations or to hold and remove ground/surface water.




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